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Hello, I'm Heather Wollin


I am proud to be your candidate for Culver City Council. I was raised in Culver City and will fight to protect and maintain our city’s character. This means focusing locally and not getting caught up in national or statewide politics without it directly correlating to Culver City. I do not believe a lot of these topics are necessary or relevant to our city. I believe in Culver City and I am proud to call it home.  I have spoken with many local residents and found they want city council members to govern with a localized common-sense approach, not follow some national trend. So I promise that when I am elected, I will be the change-maker that brings a smart localized approach back to our City Council. I believe that your city government works for you, not the other way around.


My Vision for Culver City:

  •  Ensuring that our police and fire departments have what they need to ensure public safety 

  •  Supporting small businesses in Culver City to make sure that they make it through these tough financial times

  • A common-sense approach to our City Council by ensuring all residents are heard and represented

  • Bringing fiscal responsibility back to our City Council and not depending on raising taxes for homeowners or businesses without proper dialogue and proper public input

  • Encouraging more community outreach and meetings on important issues to make sure that all residents have the means and opportunity to be heard


Both of my parents were born in Culver City with my dad growing up in Beverlywood West and mom growing up in the Blanco Park neighborhood. We originally lived in Fox Hills and later moved to the Blanco Park neighborhood. I attended Culver-Palms YMCA preschool, and then followed in my parent’s footsteps by attending El Rincon Elementary, Culver City Middle School, and Culver City High. I later received my associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies from West LA College. I currently work as a family law paralegal and I love what I do.

Culver City is my home and I want to serve, protect, and maintain our city as the vibrant and prosperous community that it is. Growing up, my dad felt it was important to emphasize the importance of voting. In 1996, I got to go with him to vote in the presidential election. From that point on, I was hooked and over the years, I became more involved in city politics. I vividly remember writing for the CCHS Newspaper, The Centaurian, while I was in high school. The City Council was considering having a youth committee, so I had reached out to the members of the council to see if I could interview someone for my story. Much to my delight, former mayor Carol Gross reached out to me and granted me an interview. Hearing Carol speak about our city, about her experiences on council, especially as a woman on council excited me. At the end of our conversation, she told me to get involved, speak up for what you believe in, be a good listener, and that one day, I too could be a city council member. So here I am, getting involved so that I can listen and represent all members of our community, including you.


Doing What's Right For Culver City

To serve, protect and dedicate myself to do what's right for the residents of our proud city. To maintain our city as the vibrant and prosperous community that it is.  Be a good listener and serve the public interest, never my own. Working together to make our city the best it can possibly be.  I'm from Culver City, for Culver City. 


On November 3rd, Vote Heather Wollin for City Council

Heather Wollin


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